Kampei! The Lychee-tini

Printable PDF at the bottom of the page! Knock knock knock. Gentleman Caller. Ahhh, the delicious lychee fruit. So many Americans have probably never encountered it. It’s like a sweet eyeball that you just can’t help but roll around your mouth. At Trip of Love we have a trio of sisters who have seen our show … Read moreKampei! The Lychee-tini

Window Sill Splendor from some guy’s trash

Knock Knock Knock. Gentleman Caller. Honestly I should have done this one earlier in the season, but sometimes life gets in the way of best laid plans, right? So here we are in a heat wave and I am deciding it’s time to PLANT. Right now I am in New York City and let’s face … Read moreWindow Sill Splendor from some guy’s trash

Pickled. Not me. Cucumbers.

Knock Knock Knock. Gentleman Caller. Hey, friends. It’s me, The Gentleman Caller. Welcome to my first outing. Happy Independence Day! It’s summer. It’s July. It’s hot. It’s my favorite time of year. You can wear a tank top anywhere except church. Amen to that. So I was sauntering through Manhattan’s Upper West Side last Sunday … Read morePickled. Not me. Cucumbers.