TGC Buying Guide – Where to Shop

Getting the best products is how to live your best life. This is The Gentleman’s buying guide.


Buchanan’s Native Plants

611 E 11th St, Houston, TX 77008 – (713) 861-5702

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The Holy Grail of plants and everything you need for your garden and yard. It’s not free but the premium is usually worth it.

Species upon species of plants that thrive in the Texas climate. Especially targeting plants and flowers that attract certain species of bird and butterfly. Really a horticulturist’s dream come true.

They also sell natural fertilizers and composted water etc.

The friendly staff will answer or find out the answer to anything you ask.


Stanton’s Shopping Center and Meat Market

219 N Taylor, Alvin, TX 77511 – (281) 331-4491

Apparently we’re sold out of wild boar this week.
All the canning supplies you could ever need.


Seeds, seeds, and more seeds. These bins have been here for decades and decades.

Stanton’s Shopping Center is a rustic small-town grocery store. When I was a kid it was practically the only store in town. In the last several years, it has evolved into a multi-award winning meat market, especially renowned for bacon and game. In the spring you can also get your baby chickens (live ones) in the feed store.



123 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016 1 (800) 352-3451

Kalustayan’s is the kind of store you could wander aimlessly through for hours and see things you never knew existed. Exotic spices, including blends, rices, beans and legumes of all sort, salts in all colors and textures, oils, oils, more oils, teas… While not always the most budget-friendly, it’s certain not a budget-buster and you will always find inspiration in the shelves.

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