News & Notes

A note from Austin:

It’s Fall, ya’ll. I am so bad at updating this part of the website.

I am officially being able to split my time between Texas and LA/NY. I have a great new place down south that is allowing me to garden and grow like crazy. The chicken coop is on its way as soon as the rain will stop. The last several weeks I have either been in LA filming or it’s been pouring down rain. Regardless, it’ll get accomplished soon.

The best thing about going back and forth to California is I have gotten to share many precious family moments that normally I would miss while simultaneously doing pre-production for the upcoming “Double Exposure” film. Life is good.

Hope all of you are doing well. Bye for now Lovelies!

Celebrating Granny Miller’s 87th birthday on September 24 with sisters Cassidy and Haley.
The Gentleman Caller with Bestie Alison McMillan Perry carving pumpkins

Hello, Friends,

What a year it’s been. First of all, it’s Halloween as I write this and I am back in Los Angeles after a long stint in New York. To say I feel like I am back at home would be an understatement. And I am looking forward to not enduring a NY winter.

I am shooting a movie right now and the schedule is rigorous. Please bear with me while I post some repeats. We will have tons of new content just in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for stopping in, and as always please follow the links to my pages on social media!

Thanks & love,

Austin Miller, The Gentleman Caller