Primped Up Pad Thai

Knock knock knock. Gentleman Caller. Know what’s better than good pad thai? Nothing. So this is my continuance of my Thai food kick. I am sure I have bastardized these recipes, but this is how I like them. The great debate on whether to put ketchup in pad thai is one that gets people heated. … Read morePrimped Up Pad Thai

Red Curry Chicken Gentleman Style

Knock knock knock. Gentleman Caller. Once upon a time and not recently I was on a splashy first class tour of a very successful new musical. “Hairspray” travelled the US with critical acclaim and a wicked talented cast. I was Link Larkin, the self-proclaimed prettiest boy of summer and I wore Abercrombie and Fitch polos … Read moreRed Curry Chicken Gentleman Style

Johnson City Tortilla Pie

Knock knock knock. Gentleman Caller. Imagine, if you will, that you are 11. That you are seat belted into a giant Buick LeSabre, next to your sisters. Imagine the Judds coming through the car speakers, and singing along in harmony with most of the people in the car. Imagine one of your sisters gets car … Read moreJohnson City Tortilla Pie